OLA Executive Condo

the ONLY EC Launch in Sengkang in Years to Come!

Important Notes of E Application Form

  • For those who apply, you will get to enjoy direct developer early bird pricing during launch period.

  • No agent fee is required.

  • E-application submission is free.and is needed for you to get a chance to ballot for a unit.

  • "But what if we're not sure if we're going to ballot for a unit?"

    We still strongly recommend that you apply for the e-app in order to reserve your chance since it's free and there is no penalty even if you decide not to book a unit later on.

    This is also to ensure you will not miss out on the early bird price if you later decide to book a unit.

  • Upon submitting the e-app here, one of our friendly staffs will contact you for you to book your showflat appointment.

  • During the appointment, we will go through with you step by step the process in order to make everything clear and easier for you.

  • During the appointment, we will get your permission to make a photocopy of both your NRIC to then complete the submission of your e-app.

    As such, do submit your e-app now for us to do a preliminary check for you.

    Successful applicant will then get a ballot ticket for a chance to ballot for a unit on balloting day and you will then decide if you want to drop in your ballot ticket.


Submit your e-app now to get a

  • FREE pre-assessment to know if you're eligible to book an EC.

  • To reserve a chance to ballot.

  • To lock in early bird price.

  • Enter Showflat for showroom visits.